Fly Tying Recipes, Info, and More

Fly Recipe Downloads

We have available below several of our most popular recipes available as a downloadable color sheet in PDF format.  Just click the name of the pattern below and it will take you to a link, click the link, and then you can view/print the pattern recipe as desired.


Beadhead hot flash nymph

blackfly adult

blackfly larva

black rubberlegs


deep minnow

deerhair emerger

fresh prince

glass bead johnny flash

Half n half emerger

henryville special

Jeffs Bead Head Maggot

Jeff’s Black ant

Jeff’s Beetle

Jeff’s Cricket

Jeffs Strike Indicator fly

Jeff’s Live Wire Prince

No Hackle Dun

Quill Gordon Parachute

Rabbit Strip Worm Bass Fly

Red Bead Head Minnow

Royal Wulff pg 1

Royal Wulff Pg 2

Rubberleg Bream Bee

Rubberleg Montana Nymph

Bead Head Banana Nymph

Bead head Wacky Worm

Tutti Frutti Bream fly

Jeffs Hunchback

Wooly Bugger pg 1

Wooly Bugger pg 2



Here’s some great sites with fly tying tips and patterns….



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