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Like Fly Fishing and teaching fly fishing and guiding trips, fly tying is also a passion.  I love it.  Sometimes I feel like the mad scientist in the lab trying to cook up something…….mwyuahhhhhaaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah (the intent is to sound  like the ‘evil’ laugh in a typical low budget horror movie…).  But anyway, its lots of fun.  And to think that a fish can be duped into thinking some crazy concoction of plastic, metal, glue, fur, hair, feathers and more is something to eat is just…..well……pretty incredible when you thing about it.


I am a Fly Fishing Guide and Outfitter serving NW NC, East TN, and Central and SW VA, FFF Certified Fly Casting  Instructor, 31 yrs experience, Published Fly Tyer, one of the few Full Time Fly Fishing Guide Service serving the Piedmont and Central NC, longest running Fly Fishing School and Fly Tying Program in the area, we offer Guided Fishing Trips, Custom Flies for the Area Available nowhere else, and Destination Fly Fishing Trips to the Rocky Mtn West, and one of the most innovative, info rich local sites on the Web, including a Fly Tying Site, Fly Fishing Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook and Twitter Pages, and more.  To learn more,  visit us online at  or .  Check out our Instagram page here .

I also have a commercial fly tying business offering custom tied ,small batch, high quality, guide tied patterns….and we have an Instagram page for this gig I call Appalachian Fly Company ……  check it out here .

And to all of our customers I say a heartfelt “Thank You….!” for supporting us.  Our business has truly been a faith journey and God blessed me in the opportunity of meeting, getting to know, and fishing with you all.   And most of all, “Thank You.!” to the Lord.  That is the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave his life for messed up guys like me so that there’s a way that we can have an opportunity to spend eternity with Him and shout “Glory” and “Praise” to Him forever.

Good Fly Fishing,