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Welcome to Jeff Wilkins Fly Tying 2020…..

Thanks for checking us out. We are proud to offer fly tying tutorials on the web and are constantly working to bring you new and effective patterns.  If there is a fly pattern that you’d like to see , or maybe an original pattern you’re dying to show off or would like to share with others, please  shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to add it to the site.  One of our desires is to do our best to promote fly tying and to help those who are involved in fly tying  to be the very best that they can be.  Nothing less than that will do!  I offer a wide variety of one on one lessons or instruction.  Let me show you techniques that have served me for well over 30 years….   We enjoy interacting with our customers on on a personal level, strive to make this a learning environment for everyone.  We learn  quite a bit from those we teach, and that’s as it should be.


On this site you will hopefully find some  great information  to further your tying skills. On this site you will find some stories about the flies themselves, as all good flies usually have  some sort of story behind them.   We all love a good story. Next, there are tips and tactics on how to best fish these flies.  You’ll find a pattern recipe, helpful hints and tying tips, plus a step by step tying sequence in full color showing the ins and outs of tying that particular fly.  We will touch on materials, some of which are new and innovative and have lots of neat uses.  Also, we’ll gladly provide any or all of the materials that you need or don’t have to tie the fly.  In addition to the materials, we  also have custom fly tying kits, complete with  step-by-step directions, and all materials needed to tie the pattern being shown. I wish each and every visitor to this site a very pleasant visit. Tight Threads…… Jeff



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